PRIVADA is a superior, architectural quality toilet partition system designed to meet the needs of discerning building developers, owners and tenants.
Architects and designers can feel confident that PRIVADA will exceed their clients’ expectations, providing exceptional value from installation throughout the lifetime of the product.

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  • The Latch and Keeper locks with a physical guarantee as well as a visual confirmation that the lock is in place giving patrons the needed assurance that their compartment will avoid interruption.

  • The robe hook has a circular escutcheon and a beveled edge matching the other custom family of pieces.

  • All compartments come standard with an occupancy indicator that communicates compartment use with an integrated emergency access release.

  • A seamless design through interlocking fascia panels and anodized aluminum edges eliminates sightlines, providing a high-end experience that ensures complete privacy and a sense of personal space.

  • Recessed foot pedestals and flush head-rail support compartments, appearing suspended without compromising stability.

  • Architects, designers and building owners can envision the look they want without compromising. High-performing materials are available in a range of colors and finishes.

  • Ashened Oak Finish

  • Aluminum Finish

  • Spectrum Red Finish