Made with aesthetically pleasing colours and finishes, and with the ability to customize your orders, Spectrum produces the market’s #1 choice for modern high-end lockers. Made with phenolic, our lockers are ideal for where areas of high traffic can occur, such as schools, fitness centres, spas, and hospitals.


Spectrum phenolic lockers are your absolute best product choice for aesthetics and durability. Our lockers are made from Trespa®, a phenolic material composed of a solid black homogeneous resin core, integrated with a closed cell decorative finish on the outside surface.


Phenolic is an ideal material and solution for areas of high traffic, and where vandalism and moisture can occur. Spectrum phenolic lockers also features a scratch and wear resistant surface, is mold resistant, fire safe, and impact resistant. With its solid core material, you can rest assured that your lockers will always look and perform like new.




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